[SOLVED] Arrays no examples

I have searched the forum about arrays but the threads are old and I am not sure if the system has changed. I need undestand how write data in an array and after read this data. For example:

enemy[0] = 500
enemy[1] = 1100
enemy[2] = “alive”
enemy[3] = “right”

enemy.X() = enemy[0]
enemy.Y() = enemy[1]

Supposedly this is possible

Simulating the behavior of arrays

You can use the Structure data type to simulate the behavior of arrays by using an incrementing number as the name of each child variable (e.g. 0 , 1 , 2 , etc).

82 / 5000

A simple example would be helpful in the gdevelop examples. There’s nothing and the people that uses Gdevelop usually doesn’t know programming. I don’t know how to use the child variables either, no examples either. I don’t know how to use arrays in gdevelop or the equivalent thing and the best way is with examples for me and from what I see for quite a few people

great, I got it!!!