[Solved as for now] Change the scale of the game according to a device's screen size

So I’m having a problem now. My game disregards the screen size of a player’s device. I tried to apply the anchor behaviour on objects but it causes a controllable character that is supposed to move left and right when prompted to remain stationary. Are there any other ways to make the game adaptive? Any help is deeply appreciated!

Here is a screenshot of my game for reference:

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If your control buttons don’t work anymore, either you anchored the character or its position is fixed in any way, either there’s some camera issue going on, and the control button isn’t really where it seems to be.

Yeah that’s another problem with the anchoring. Also, many of the game objects are not within the wireframe I’ve set because when I test the game, the game objects seem to lean to the left for some reason.

Looks like you need to check your anchor settings.

Okay, I just changed the game resolution resize mode from “change width to fit the screen” to “no change to the game size”. I think that’ll achieve what I want for now. Thanks for the help though!

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