[Solved] Background is fixed to Player's Camera and I can't change it

Hey Guys!

I am currently developing my first platformer (I am a bloooody beginner) as a birthday present for my partner and I have a problem with the position of the background image.

The background has its own layer “Background” and everything else is on the base layer (also the player). I want the camera to follow the X and the Y Position of the player and used the following expressions and it works perfectly:

At the beginning of the scene
→ Change the position of the center of Player: set to Player.CenterX() (x axis), set to Player.CenterY() (y axis)

→ Change the X position of camera (layer: );set to Player.PointX(“Center”)
→ Change the Y position of camera (layer: );set to Player.PointY(“Center”)-100

This is how it looks in the beginning:


and when I jump:


I already checked the layers 100000 times and I dont have any expressions in the events which tells the camera of the background to follow the players position. It seems like it is locked to the players position?!

Thanks for your help!


Hello and welcome to the community @kater. You are using another layer for your background. Each layer has its own camera. Read more about it here.

Back to your case
What’s happening in your case is you’re moving the camera of the base layer but you are not moving the camera of your new background layer so whatever from the background layer was in the view remains in the view without moving. To fix it, you can Change the X and Y position of layer: "background" set to CameraX("",0); CameraY("",0).
What that will do is it will change the position of the camera of the background layer to the position of the camera of the base layer.

I fixed it, thank you so much!!! :pray: