(SOLVED) - Best Trick to deal with Mobile Screen formats ?

Good day GDevs!

I struggle a bit with different screen formats and how i can support them best. There is no function to support different screen sizes and formats.

In example:
Stencyl (another gamemaker) has a “stretch” function.
Construct3 (You know) :slight_smile: has a kind of border layout to support 3:2 / 16:19 / 16:10

But in GDevelop i have just 2 possibilities and both are not helpful :-/
Change width to fit screen
Change hight to fit screen

Will there be such features in the near future to support different screen resolutions and formats ?

Or do someone have a trick or something he/she can share with me :slight_smile:

Thank you and keep up the good work on GDevelop!! I already have a paid subscription to support you !


I’m not sure if GDevelop has added in features for mobile resolutions that I know of, however, you can change the resolution of the window. What I would do is probably make GDevelop detect if the device is a mobile device and then make the resolution difference. Then add the option to change the resolution to a range of different resolutions.

The problem is not realy the resolution, more the format 3:2 / 4:3 / 5:4 /16:9 / 16:10 and so on. At this moment, you can’t make a game, that fits in all display formats :-/ Or is there a trick ?

Ahhh now i understand !!!

THIS IS THE SOLUTION to “STRETCH” the content in EVERY Format you need !!

Great !!



all good man

That did not work :frowning_face:
Would keeping the aspect ratio work perhaps?

You can also use anchors :eyes:

Could you explain what you mean?

You need to change the Full Screen / Game Size Mode to No Changes in Game Properties.