[SOLVED] Black screen after export

When ever I export my game to android i get gdev logo and then screen goes black…tried a lot and being frustrated i started exporting game with single sprite…still it doesn’t shows up…demo projects of gdevlop work fine

What happens if you compile to windows executable and run that?

And what it the first scene in your project?

same black screen…that sounds like there must be problem in the game…to cross check i just created a new empty game…and added 1 Bg sprite without any events…still when i open in my mobile gdevelop logo appears…bt before it reaches 100% of loading the screen turns completely black…preview in laptop is working fine

Are there any assets that flagged as an error in the project’s resources (Project → Game Settings → Resources)?

Nope…every resource in resource tab is in white…and i think i found the solution…just now i changed the background image and it worked…are thier any specific type of sprites that cannot load or something?..and thanks a lot…didnt expect anyone to actually reply this early…

2000x2000px maximum for Android devices.

Is this also applicable for tiled sprite?

I suppose not, not sure.