[SOLVED] Blend mode Gdevelop

Hello, I want to create the transparent sprite named “Y” to sustract the sprite named “X”, just like a hole. Besides I want have another sprite named “Z” behind the sprite “X” no sustracted. How Gdevelop blend modes built-in works?

I don’t want modify the shape of the sprites, just watch through them.

Use A alpha (BW pic) with Blend effect in Layer to mask

I don’t want a black screen with a alpha hole, just like a light in the dark. I want a sprite as big as the screen and put sprites over subtracting it. Just like this:


Is it possible?

I am trying blend effect in a layer but I can’t get this result of X-ray vision, I mean see through the walls.

I was talking about this…aren’t you looking for masking ? I guess your question is not clear to me.

sprite mask extension is the answer, anyway thank you Ruhan :slight_smile: