[Solved] Blurry text when downsize bitmap font


I’m using the bitmap font feature, but when I downsize my font in Gdevelop, it gets blurry again. How do I make it pixel perfect, but small? I don’t plan on making my game resolution larger. I’m making a pixel art game with 32 sized characters. Also, would like some help in creating bitmap fonts, this has been difficult as well. I can’t get the spacing correct in between the letters.

Bitmap fonts aren’t meant to be resized in the scene editor. You need to generate the files at whatever font size you intend to use. If you need multiple sizes, you need to generate multiple bitmap fonts.

I see. Do you know of a good bitmap font creator compatible with Gdevelop, that works on Mac? Thanks.

Take a look here Bitmap font editor - #2 by UlisesFreitas


Hiero worked finally! It took a while to figure out how to use the program and export the correct size. Thanks! I was able to edit the png with photoshop after hiero made it and the font looks just as I wanted.

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