[Solved] Breakout tutorial problem

I am trying to do the Breakout tutorial with gDevelop 5 but I am having a problem with the ball bouncing off of the barrier. I set up the collision event to have the ball bounce if it collides with the barrier but it is not bouncing. It just passes over it and off of the screen. I have attached a screenshot of the Event Editor. I did the same for the paddle but I can’t tell if it will bounce there until I can get it to bounce off of the barrier. Any help appreciated.

You need to separate the two collision checks and bounce statements.

As you have it now, both conditions need to be true for the action to be executed, and this won’t happen. Currently the events says “If the ball collides with a barrier AND the ball is collision with the paddle”.

So you need to split the two conditions into their own events and with their own actions.

Thanks MrMen. That solved the problem. With some more practice I may get the hang of creating with gDevelop 5.

Thanks again, much appreciated.