(Solved) Bullets not firing towards cursor

I’m using the fire bullets extension on a platformer and even though from everything Ive seen this should make the bullets fly towards the cursor and,but they just shoot off into the top left of the screen I’m sure i must’ve done something wrong but no idea what that is I looked for a solution but nothing worked.could it be something to do with the way the gun is set up it’s not part of the player but a sprite being continuously sent to a point on the player because of the my weapon pick up system works dont why that would change anything but my best guess,but I’m probably going wrong somewhere else

also the shooting mechanic is the only part of the gun I really did anything with so far so thats the only event that should effect other that moving it to the player


it should be MouseX() and MouseY() not Mouse.X(), Mouse.Y()

damn that was a left over from me originally having a different event with a dot in probably never would’ve spotted that wasn’t even thinking about because some other stuff works just fine with the dot

feel kinda stupid but wont make that mistake again thanks