(SOLVED) Camera looking left and right

Hello everyone, I’m making a 2d horror game, and i would like to make the camera move depending on what side the player is looking at (left, right);

the camera has the follow the player and put it on one side of the screen (still depending on the direction the player is looking at) but i don’t know how to do this.

Basically if the player is looking on his right side, the camera will put Player on the left border of the screen,
and if the player is looking on his left side the camera will put him on the right border of the screen.

this is what I’m looking for: (check the foto)

Ok, if you are using the smooth camera behavior, you can check if the player is flipped horizontally, and change the x offset based on that.

Yeah there is a smooth camera offset action for that. Would you know how to also do that with lerp to make it smoother?

I was thinking about it and i tried at first, but it wasn’t working, i added the smooth camera behavior to the player and in the event sheet i set up the values when the player was flipped or not, but it didn’t worked, i will try again soon and let u know
(Thx for the answer btw :slightly_smiling_face: )

Ok i did it and it worked! Thank you so much again!