[Solved] Camera Not Following Player's Speed

My camera is not following my players speed. I’ve tried switching around the acceleration speed and trying different cameras, but nothing is helping. My character simply walks off screen whilst the camera trails behind, not able to catch up.

Please help.

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Sounds like there’s something else going on. Can you post a bigger snippet of your events, rather than just the sliver of the one you think is the problem?

yeah, here ya go

Does the camera actually move? Is there a background or platform that moves in the opposite direction to the player?

And I’d suggest positioning the camera after the player movement events.

The camera does move, yes. The background is a still image, it doesn’t move in the opposite direction of the player.

I have moved the camera event below the movement events and it has had no effect

If the background isn’t moving, then how can you tell the camera is moving?

Which layer is amathy_before on? Are the events you’ve shown all there is, or is there more?

oh i thought you were asking if id done a fancy parallax background. yes the background is moving lol
amathy is on her own layer, and whilst waiting ive added some more events ill add here

With the center camera on object action, select the layer amathy_beyond is on, not the default one, as the parameter.

it doesn’t seem to have worked, as after setting it like that the character just got stuck in the middle of the screen

this means it worked. this is what center cam on object does, make the object center to the screen …
you need a background where you can see the movement.

no because before the background was moving. the character got stuck in the middle, the scene no longer moved forward when the bound keys were pressed

use the center cam event for both layers, base layer and character layer.

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this worked, thank you so much!