[SOLVED] Can i somehow use TimeDelta() to count seconds?

Is there a way to count time with TimeDelta()?

Like idk i use some expression/formula to start counting seconds with TimeDelta()?

I know TimeDelta more or less count downs time between each frame
I know i can use 1/TimeDelta() to count FPS

But what if i would wish to use it to count seconds from whatever moment?

Or maybe there is some other way without using TimeDelta?

I am not interested in timers

You can have an action without any condition, where you add 1000*TimeDelta() to a variable. This will act as a timer which runs in miliseconds. From there you check what is the value of variable. If the variable is 500 for example, that is equal to 0,5 seconds.

It was actually 1*TimeDelta() what i required

Thx a lot