[Solved] Can I "traverse" a Physics object?

I’m working on a typical Physics mini game in which I have a car (Physics object) and coins (also Physics Objects). So each time the car collides with a coin, I want to delete that coin. So far so good, but the problem is I cannot “undo” the physical collision, so the coin is deleted but the car stops when it encounters a coin. What I’m looking for here is how to make the car go through the coins, or traverse them.

Thank you! Any help is very much appreciated!!

You can adjust the weight of the objects, so the coins have nominal impact on the car.
Or you can check distance instead of collision to avoid real contact.

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@Gruk Hi! Thank you so much for your answer! I’m guessing the weight would be ‘density’ in the Physics behaviour site, right?

@Gruk As you said, I’ve been able to solve it by changing the density of the coin to be less than the CarBody’s. Just posting this here in case anyone else has this problem too. Thank you so much!

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