[solved] Can someone please show me how to make a high score in the Geometry Monster game?

I have been having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to create a high score in the Geometry Monster game. I have watched basically every YouTube video, read all the forum posts and wiki pages. Can someone please show me step by step in complete beginner sense how to get this to work? I want a high score showing underneath the score on Level 1, as well as the Main Menu and Game Over page.

Can someone please help?

I’m not going to do a step by step guide, but in general :

Create a global variable and name it HighScore and set it to 0.

Then, in each scene you want to show the high score, create a text field (call it something like Highscore_text). Set an event to only fire at the start of the scene to populate Highscore_text with the global variable HighScore.

In addition to that, on the level scenes events, every time you increase the game score, check whether it is greater than your global variable HighScore and, if so, set global variable HighScore to score and set the HighScore_text to the new score too.

There is a tutorial for recreate this Geometry Monster game.
All is explain for recreate it from scratch.

This is what you`re looking for. Dude creates a hi score, go through it

Awesome! Thanks people. I ended up figuring it out in the end. I wasn’t linking scenes properly. A rookie mistake from a complete beginner lol