[Solved] Can't add text. GDevelop5

Hi, there. Let me explain.

Situation: I am trying to follow the tutorials and right now I am on the “Platform game”, so I need to put the score on the screen with a “Text”.

Issue: No matter how I put it or which the text properties are, it doesn’t appear on the screen when I drag it. And when I save the game, quit and open it again, the text object on the list is not there.

Extra info:

Is not a saving problem, cause I just added a new image and is saving, the same with sounds and animations on the sprite. It is just the text and text entry.

Idk if it’s a bug, cause I didn’t see that problem in the “How do I” section… so… I think is just me? That can’t be.

Can someone help me, please? Idk what to do.

In the list of objects, or in the list of instances?
Open the Instances to confirm if the text object is on the scene.
If it is, click on it to locate it.

If you drag it, and it doesn’t appear in the list, confirm if you use the offline or online version of GDevelop, confirm which OS you have, and if you have the same issue with the example projects.

Thank you for answering, I will see the results asap.

Hi, now the Text is on the screen and I can edit it. Thank you for your comment.

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