(solved) Cant get more than one enemy to get put together (ragdoll)

How do I…

I’m trying to use a combination of revolute joints and motor joints to put together an enemy ragdol

if i remove the “pick nearest xxxx” stuff, and have only one enemy in the game, works fine. But if i add more, then it breaks.

What is the expected result

Each enemy should be put together properly, and stay connected.

What is the actual result

The enemy’s parts just fall and roll around

Related screenshots

Possible Solutions I want to avoid

Using the torso as a reference, and creating and linking objects, then adding joints.


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Idk for sure, but would it work if you remove the ‘Repeat for each Instance’ condition?

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Well… I had some time, so I went ahead and did the annoying way, and was able to still get the z order right.
So I got the first enemy type to work, got a few abilities to work, though I still need to code some cool downs (spinjitzu is overpowered )

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Yea, it be like that sometimes. :sweat_smile:
I too had to write some tedious & repetitive code for my previous games, because I didn’t know any more optimal ways.