[SOLVED] Can't hit three keys at the same time?

So I was following along with the SpaceShooter tutorial via here: 3. Shoot and Health [GDevelop wiki]
and ran into a really really weird issue.

For some reason the ship can’t do three inputs at the same time. For example, I can move in any direction I want, and I can shoot while moving, but I can’t move and shoot if I’m going up/left, down/left, or down/right. I CAN shoot and move diagonally if I go up/right. I genuinely don’t know what I’ve done wrong, as I’ve been following along pretty closely with the tutorial… I thought so, at least!

Hey dontknow,

Have a look at Multiple Button Presses Not Registering: Arrows + Character · Issue #2934 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub and see if that is part of the issue.


Hi, I have tested your events and had a similar problem (could not shoot while moving diagonally up and left). After checking @Eiklahc’s post it turns out that my keyboard is not registering up + left + space. WASD works though.

Unfortunately, a lot of non-mechanical (and even some mechanical) keyboards have limited circuits to cut down costs.

Because of that they have a technical limit the amount of key rollover/multi-key presses you can do. Nothing can be done on the engine side to avoid this, but the tester linked above will be a good way to see how your keyboard fairs. Sadly, what works for you may not work for another user that has a different keyboard.

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I am amazed I’ve gone my whole life without encountering this before. Sorry to create a post that already had a issue resolved with it–it is indeed my keyboard, as per the key-test online. Wild.


Yeah, it’s frustrating because there’s no standard out there.

My understanding is that most keyboards that have limited multi-key support will still have multi-segment support. So if you make your controls like, WASD for direction, and then ctrl/shift for actions, it might fair better, letting you hold ctrl and shift, as well as 2 of the WASD keys. You’ll need to test with the tester though, to be sure.


Mate, I was in the same boat :smiley:

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