[SOLVED] Car Racing and platform

I designed a barrier for cars on the sidewalk so that they do not pass from there
The car can pass through it
Although I followed the correct steps?

Probably not, otherwise it wouldn’t happen. Can you provide a screen shot of your event code so we can see what’s going on and help?

Many thanks for your reply
But I did not add an event to this

I have a music problem
I want to play it in all scenes??

If you don’t want the car to travel through the barrier, you’ll have to check for collision between the two, and move the car away from the barrier.

How did I not understand you?

In the main scene …
How to continue without interruption

And if you add a button to silence??

many thanks
The problem has been resolved
implement your idea
Thank you
I wish you a happy day and the health and well-being

Ok, though this will only work for a fixed position of the barrier. As soon as you move it left or right, it won’t work any longer.

I suggest you look into a condition of “Player is in collision with Barrier” with action “Move Player away from Barrier (only Player will move)” - it’s the separate objects on the Player object. It’ll future proof your game.

What is the code that keeps the player away from the barrier ??

It’s all in the previous message.

Fully understood you
I’ll try
many thanks

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The video link is incorrect?

Where are you getting the video link from?

@L_e_m_o_n_T_e_a @MrMen

music problem ?

@L_e_m_o_n_T_e_a @MrMen

The problem has been resolved
many thanks

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