(SOLVED) Centering a text


I’m trying to centering a text on X, but I cannot find the correct way. I searched a lot of posts and tried a lot of things, but none worked so far.
I’m creating the text dinamically the base (brown square) and the text. The text is empty at first and it will appear when I type the letter. But as you can see, depending the letter I type, each letter align differently on the base. I tried to use the text width, but it doesn’t work since there is no text when it’s created. I tried to assign a letter and hide it, and show it only after I type. I tried to create the text outside the scene and align it after it has the letter, but I have a lot of bases, and it’s a problem to define what base it has to align to.
Thanks for any help!

Incredibly, After I spend all day trying a solution, I have found it just after creating this topic.
It was so simple. All I had to do is align the text after typing it! Duh!