(Solved) Change a Platform's behaviour with a Click?

How do I…

I want to create a platform that changes behaviour when I click on it with the mouse button. These are SolidTile and UnsolidTile.

What is the expected result

When I click on it once, the Boolean toggles and the platform is solid.
When I click on it again, the platform becomes unsolid.
It will switch behaviour every time I click on it.

What is the actual result

Nothing responds.
(The External Event is linked to the room)

Related screenshots

Unless I’m reading the variables wrong. When your Booleans are false. the events set them to true then the next event is setting them back to false. The variable is already being toggled. IDK if the 4 actions that change the values are needed.

Jeez, I thought the Trigger Once condition would nullify that.

Anyway, I took off the 4 boolean actions, but it’s still not working.

Wait, I see what’s wrong and I fixed it.

I basically wrote the programming for one tile and then I copied and pasted it for the other tile, but I forgot to change the tile names in the programming.

Here’s the working code. Thanks for your help, Keith. Pointing out the unnecessary variable actions helped.

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