[SOLVED] Change Bitmap Text/BBText object name

Can we have the option to change the Bitmap Text and BBText object name, from the object properties ?
Just like the text object, and other objects.

Bitmap text object (you can’t change the object name)

Text object (you can change the object name)

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Hello, :potato:!

It’s look like a bug, because I’m using 5.3.195 and it shows the option to change the name in both:

Bitmap Text object

BBtext object

But now I tested the last version of Gdevelop 5.3.198 and it don’t shows the options to change the name for both.


OH !
No wonder how I never noticed this before !

Thank you for confirming it’s a bug, ill report it to gdevelop devs.

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Thank you both for checking. It should be fixed in the next release: