[SOLVED] Change color for few second after collision

i try to change my player sprite color to red after collision with enemy for 0.5sec but the sprite color wont change back to default color after 0.5 sec .i have try a lot of method but still cant .

Can you share the code?

sry i have delete the code caz there many code i have been try but most likely is i add a gethit variable to player. When player gethit=1,changetint color to red. When player gethit=0,changetintcolor to white. when player collision with enemy gethit =1.Until here i think doesnt have any mistake but after that i try a lot of method jus to let gethit become bck 0 after 0.5 sec.

you could have just done, player collision with the enemy,
change gethit =1, reset timer “timer”
if timer “timer” =0.5, change gethit = 0

omg u just use 2 line of sentences to solve my problem .thanks,its really useful to me idk whether is tis actually easy or wat because i m new to gdevelop,but it really solve my problem.thanks a lot