(Solved) Change scene if character is out of camera


I want to make a scene where the character need to go faster than the camera.
The camera follow a sprite who is tweened on other sprite.

I don’t konw how to do to reset my scene if the character is too slow.

Delete player character when outside of screen (behaviour) and then add event that checks if the player is not visible (or something like that) to change scene ?

I tried but it’s not working on my game.

Do I Made something wrong?

The player (Ln) is destroyed but the camera is going on.

Hello, bahh66

I think your event isn’t true because Gdevelop can’t check if the player is visible if there is no player anymore. Try to change that condition to “Number of object instances on the scene” and compare if there is Player equal zero.


It works. That’s a nice idea.