[Solved] "Change to Scene" bug on mobile

Hello, I’ve been trying out GDevelop for a couple days now but I encounter an issue that I don’t have any clue why it happens and been searching for the solution to it.

So, basically I have a main menu screen which has a “Start” button and when clicked (or tapped if it’s on mobile), it would then change to the stage scene.

The problem that I encountered here is that when I’m already in the stage and wanted to go back to the main menu, it doesn’t work or more precisely, it sort of works but glitchy.

By glitchy, I mean the screen flickers for a milisecond after I tapped the “Return” button then immediately returning back to the stage.

This occurs only on mobile. On PC, it works absolutely fine.

Here’s what actually happens (recorded through my smartphone): GDevelop Mobile Scene Changing Bug - YouTube

Here’s the screenshot of the events (I just use the platformer template from GDevelop):

I really want to know am i missing something in this.

I’d highly appreciate all your help.

So what it looks like is happening is it’s activating both your “return” and “start” actions back to back.

As a test, shrink the size of your Start button and move it to the bottom of the screen. See if the behavior still occurs.

Thanks for your response.

I’ve tried that but still no luck.

I was thinking it must has something to do with multitouch since we’ve to enable it (by disabling “Move mouse cursor when touching screen”) to be able to go right and left mid-air.

Then I came up with a solution:

Hi I experienced some sorts of this myself!!

It is happening to me in 2 or 3 scenes, sudden scene jumping , is this solution of yours still valid

As long as the button on another scene you want to go isn’t in the same position as in the current scene where you press a button, it should work fine.

No it’s not in same position at all one is to left other is too right , your condition helped in few scenes but not all