[SOLVED] Changing animations via button pressing in a designated order

How do I…

As part of my game, I want to be able to move up and down between different slots with one of them highlighted (similar to a typical game menu). I have taken the approach by making each row a sprite, with a base animation and a highlighted animation.

Based on how I want it set up, the highlighting should show from one sprite to another in an ordered fashion.

Right now I have three sprites. Moving down should change the top sprite from not being highlighted and make the second one highlighted. Instead, the second sprite is skipped and the third one is highlighted instead.

you need to add a ‘Trigger once’ condition to all your key presses, otherwise they will be registered constantly making it impossible to go stepwise through the animations.

That itself won’t work, as the trigger once is for an event only. It doesn’t matter if the conditions are the same as an earlier event.

@dayneb12 will also need to reverse the order of the highlighted checks when the down key is pressed, otherwise the game will flow from one to the next as the conditions for the event following are met. So instead, do:


That worked. Thanks for the help.