[Solved] Character float in the air

I’ve been using Gdevelop to try to get into gamedev and it seems to be going ok. But i’ve encountered a bug. My platformer game’s character seem to float in the air after colliding with an enemy while jumping. i tried to see what’s the problem and it seems to be related with the falling state/animation, as after i’ve disabled the falling animation, it doesn’t float in the air anymore when colliding.
i hope someone will help

I’d check the collision masks for the animation. It might have been a different shape before you changed your character/sprite.

i’ve tried editing the collision masks, but it doesn’t seem to work

Can you upload a picture or the game file?

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Here’s what it looks like:

2-09-2024 (06-54-38)

Here’s also the event:

I’m not 100% sure, but I get the feeling it may have to do with setting the jump animation while moving and being hurt.

Try adding a check the animation isn’t “Hurt” to the condition that checks if player is moving.

It Worked! Thank you so much for the help. i really appreciate it.