(Solved) Character glitchingin to air on attack animation

Hello! I am quite new to Gdevelop and I’m wondering why my character glitches into the air when I press the attack button. All my animations work fine and perform their action on the ground as they should. Only the attack animation raises him into the air. I made sure it wasn’t the way the sprite was cropped. I just cant seem to figure it out.

Code for context

Hi, one possible explanation for this problem is that the collision box of your attack animation sprites is not at the character’s feet.

All animations should be the same size and share the origin point at same position

how can i make sure that the origin point is at the same position

Making the animations the same size, then go to → Edit object → Edit points

You are probably just having this problem because the attack animation proportions are bigger than the other animations or something similar.

Thank you so much! I realized that wasn’t the issue, but for some reason Gdevelop is changing the pixel ratio of my sprite. All of the other animations are 56x56 pixels and Gdevelop is making this one 56x40 for some reason. I checked the original images and they are all 56x56, any ideas?

Nvm, i figured it out! Thank you so much though!