[SOLVED] Check the changed position of a rotating object?

I have changed the “center point” of a Sprite object to its end and set it to rotate like the hands of a clock using the Rotate action. I also set the origin point to the “arrow” on the other end.
The actions look as follows:

However, I noticed that the X and Y coordinates of the object do not seem to change based on its angle. Whichever direction it faces, the coordinate stays the same as when the object is created.

Is there a way to learn the coordinate of the “arrow” as the object rotates?

You can create a new point on the tip, then check object.pointX(“tip”) and object.pointY(“tip”).
But for whatever you’re using it, i assume using the angle would make more sense

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Thanks for this! The idea is to spawn new objects at the tip, so using the point coordinate seems to make more sense. The angle is then used to determine which direction these objects fly off in.