(Solved)Classicvania Platform Game without Platform behavior

Hello I’m making the first stage from Castlevania 1 on Gdevelop, but I don’t want to use the platform behavior because two reasons. First I think that I will learn more if I do not use a pre-made feature and do it by my self.
Second and more important I want to simulate the hard motion from Castle 1. I used this logic, and works but have some problems like that Simon still can pass the platforms if close enough, and when he falls from too high he or just pass the ground or will be stuck in the middle from it, help-me please.

I think you should ask yourself: Do I want to me a game designer, or a game programmer.
If the answer is designer, then use the Platform behavior, it’s very customizable… I’m pretty sure you can emulate the “hard motion” feel you are after.
If the answer is programmer, then look at how the platform behavior was implemented and read the code there to get a better understanding of how you might recreate it yourself:

Thank you, I will read it and think in what solution can be done, I really want to know more about programming to don’t be a “dependent of my programmer”, or dependent from anything like pre-made tolls, but thank you to open my eyes for my stubbornness.