[Solved]Classicvania Stairs

Hello, I did some parts of the first Castlevania with some sprites:
But the stairs are a great problem, I don’t know programming, so I use some events.
I’m changed the language for English to be easier to you understand, (sorry any English problem I’m no fluent), but the central question is i just can do Classicvania stairs using the range of position of the characters to put them into the “stair” exist any more efficient way, I try to use platformer stairs, but I just can’t do they comport like Classicvania stairs.

Sprites that i used: NES - Castlevania - The Spriters Resource
Images from the events used

I did a video to show that it’s working, I just think that isn’t efficient Castlevania Stairs - YouTube

Make your stairs a “Jumpthru platform” at a 45 degree angle.
In your logic:
deactivate the platform behavior if the player is not in collision with the stairs.
If player presses the up button then activate the platform behavior on stairs

That should get you started, you’ll probably end up wanting to create a special state for your player for walking on stairs.


Thank you, this give me a great help. :smile: