[Solved] Clickable Objects breaking when changing scenes

It’s hard to explain my problem but I will try. So basically I am using Yarn for dialogue and I use a Yarn variable to change game scenes to a scene that has clickable objects. Now, if I preview my game from the scene with clickable objects, it runs perfectly, so I know that code is not the issue. However, when I play from any scenes before and go through the dialogue to get to that scene, when the scene changes over the clickable objects (and inventory which is linked to it) breaks. I tried using timers to delay and stop and start the dialogue branches, thinking that was the issue, but it made the breakage worse. How do I fix this?

The scene before the clickable objects. The thing in question here is the Scene Rollover catagory.

The same scene, but this is the dialogue set up.

The scene with the clickable objects, and this is the dialogue set up.

I didn’t know what would be needed in terms of screenshots, so ask if you need a particular piece of code sending over.

What does break mean?

That’s a lot of code to read without context. Please provide more details of what’s happening or not happening.

I would check the variables. Variables are about the only thing to survive scene changes. Make sure there’s no typos. Make sure variables shared between scenes are global.

Make sure the value set in the previous scene isn’t causing problems in the current one. Maybe a variable needs to be reset to zero or a default value. If it works when the value is zero then maybe the previous scene is setting it to a different value.

By time I saw this message, I’d already found the dumbest workaround to fix my issue. Thanks fror trying to help tho! :slight_smile:

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