[Solved]Collision mask issue

Hey all, I’m working on a platformer game and I have a problem when the player collides with the platforms.

What is the actual result

I have 2 objects that constitute the collision mask of the map, a Floor object that has the platformer obj behaviour and a Wall object that is basically everything else (walls/sides, ceiling), the Wall object doesn’t have the platformer obj behaviour, instead I use the Separate objects action.

I’m using a grid based layout, the top part of the platforms is made of Floor obj but the sides and bottom parts are Wall obj. The corners are Floor obj as well, so it goes in one line on the top, everything below is Wall obj.

When my Player character jumps and moves right/left simultaneously while touching the side of a platform, and reaches the corner part it shoots back down as if it there is something above its head but theres nothing.

I know it has to do with collision mask calculation but I don’t know how to resolve the issue. Disabling the movement in this phase would work I guess but I want to retain the ability to move while jumping/falling.

I appreciate any input, thanks.

Walls would work jut fine if they had the platform behavior, eliminating the need for the separate action. Idk if that would fix it, but separate objects can get a little weird.

I decided to use only one type of object with platformer behaviour, it works just fine as of now. Thanks!