[Solved] Collision - Separate two objects - why "force" pushing back?

I’m reading this:
Why i do this is because i’ve the problem in my topdown game the player is pushing back by a force (it looks like so) only if i release the moving key, but i don’t use any force.

I use the same action as in the tutorial/documentation.

I don’t know what to do.:roll_eyes:
I’ve no behaviors on the obstacle.

If I just make a topdown player, a wall, and a separate action, I don’t get any pushback when I release the key.

Hmm …:thinking:
I double checked it and it’s only if i met on an oblique obstacle (like at the trees).
Can you check it please with an oblique obstacle?:blush:

Well, once I release the key, there’s still speed left, because deceleration takes time, so on oblique obstacles, it moves a bit, following the angle, but it’s not a pushback.

Do you have different animations for idle and walking, with different sprite size or hitbox?

Try to reproduce the issue in a new test project, and share it.

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Yes, i have different animationns for idle, walking… but not different sprite sizes.
I don’t edit all the hitboxes.:blush:
I will try.:wink:

Now i’m on Build 110 (before 108) but problem still exists (i know it has nothing to do with the version).

Your tip was awesome.
I’ve set the hitboxes back to default and tested it and now it works.
Now i’ve to set the hitboxes (for each sprite individually) and have to test again.

The hitboxes all need to be the same size, or it will cause trouble like that.
That’s why the platformer example has a PlayerHitbox object that has the behavior, and the sprites are purely visual.

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I was thinking the hitbox from the example platformer game was old and is fixed in a newer version.
Don’t knew that the PlayerrHitbox is actual.