[Solved] Color is not enough for Background!

Yes, sometimes we need to add gradients on the background.

There’s not just a color in the background there’s a gradient.

If you need a gradient, create your background with the gradient in GIMP or other software, and import it.

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But that’s not a good way.
Because then my image will lose quality when I need to resize it.

  1. You never NEED it.
  2. How would it loose quality?

Hill climb racing is an example. And if I resize a small background image too big. (I want gradient and also I don’t want to waste a lot of Kilo bytes on background)

It is NOT REQUIRED. And just do like anybody else Making a custom background, use a Sprite and just don’t mess up. You can live with a non gradient background anyway. Anyway I don’t think it is possible to make the background a gradient unless pixi supports it, Wich I doubt.

You can use tiny sprite, 1x255px
You create your gradient along this 255px, and you stretch this sprite in scene editor.
This sprite will make like 128 octets.

128octets of sprite are less heavy than add support in GD.
And it’s very more simple in GD with sprite.
You just need think differently.


Yep, I understand what you mean.

Ok thank you…