[SOLVED] Color Text in Behaviors

Good morning,
How can I retrieve the contents of a Color Text from the code of a behavior? Strings and numbers work well by providing a Property method. Thank you in advance for your possible answer.
Best regards. Alexandre

Maybe GetArgumentAsString. Look, it says from text

Hello Mixen,
Thank’s for your response.
it seems that GetArgumentAsString is for functions. i think i have misstated my request.
I want to create a behavior that placed on a text can change the color on mouse over.
The color is defined in the behavior and must be passed in parameters to have several texts with
different colors as for a selection menu. If I hard code the colors it works.
I’d rather replace it by an Object.Behavior::PropertyNameOfParameters(). Example: Object.Behavior:PropertyOnHover().
String or Number parameters are fine. I have a Label parameter, I have access to Object.Behavior::PropertyLabel(). (See join image).
Best regards. Alexander

The color fields in the engine take strings, not numbers.

Your behavior will need to pass the joined RGB value as a string in order for it to be valid for a tint or other color field. The same is true in the inverse.

Yes i understand your response.
Thank’s a lot. Alexander

Hello @APardaillan
If you need there is a function to manage colors

Hello jumping,
Thank you for your response.