[SOLVED] Combine genres of games in one game?

In one game I want for some levels to be topdown movement genre and for other levels to be simple 2d platfrom genre…

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Why wouldn’t you be able?

Yes, that simple tasks but mix 3d game with 2d game? Is it just copy/paste javascript or is there something else? Thanks

GDevelop doesn’t support true 3D in any form, so you wouldn’t be able to mix that anyway.

Platformer is a per object behavior that you select, as is top down. There isn’t a “game type” selection or anything, so you can just use different behaviors on different objects as you see fit.

there are some snes/genesis games out there who do this kind of gameplay. check it out, it seems fun to play.
as of how to do so, i recommend you switch toptown to platformer only between scenes, that makes it much less of a mess to build.

Ok, thank you! You may delete this post or mark as solved. Again thanks :wink: