[Solved] Continuous movement of lights not working

How do I…

I am making a game where there is a cat, and I want to give it glowing eyes. It has a sitting animation, where it shows both eyes, but when it walks it only shows one. Both of these are at different points, as well. I wrote code which says “Always” then “Move leftEyeLight towards leftEyePoint with a force of 150 pixels.” leftEyePoint is a specific point on the cat’s left eye.

What is the expected result

It should just always move the eye light to the eye, and sit there once it arrives.

What is the actual result

It just goes everywhere, it’s like it overshoots, and goes too far, then boomerangs back. It never stops moving.

Related screenshots

Here’s the code, since it wouldn’t let me add it before.

So turns out, all I had to do was set the x position of the light to the point instead of moving the light to it. I honestly forgot that’s a thing you can do.