[SOLVED] Converting big numbers to prefixes

For example:

Gold: 1000
I would want to convert that to
Gold: 1K

Continuing on…
Gold: 1.2K
Gold: 3K
Gold: 3M (Million)
Gold: 3B (Billion)

How do I do this? /Thanks!:blush:

Let’s take a variable with a value of 1234.
Use a condition to check if the variable >999.
And use actions to:

  • divide by a hundred and round: 12
  • divide by ten: 1.2
  • add K: 1.2K

Use the same logic for M, B and such.
But be careful, you will have to turn your variables to string variables (because letters are text).


pls make video in youtube for how to make notate number like 1200 to 1.2k etc :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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Hello! Do not bump myltiple year old solved threads.

Thank you!