[Solved] Create all objects from the same group at once

well Im making this “sistem” that makes a gun that is only a display pop ups on the screen but creating one by one in the code is start to getting a bit big so a tried to create using a group but I can only create one object from this group using “create an object from its name” that its makes the same resoult of the code before and "create an object " just dont work . there is any way to create all the object from the group at once ?

You could create an array with your object names and iterate over it and create objects by their name.

I didnt get it really well could u show me a example or a screen shot of how u would do it ?

Create an array with the name of the objects you want to create, make a number variable with value 0, create a condition repeat x times and change it to the number of objects in the array.

Then create an object by name as shown in the picture and add 1 to the number variable.

And that’s it.

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its works really well thx a lot !

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