[Solved] Create my own extension function / behavior for multiple objects

I made an extension to pop up object when hovered , it works fine for one object!!! But when i want to add more than two object to this extension it doesnt work , it only work in case if under different condition like variable =1, and second object with variable =2

examples in screen shots

Have you tried using a Tag group of objects, so as to have only one action for both?

Or add an “for each object” loop in your extension or in your eventsheet.

I m really sorry but i am unable to understand fully your suggestions ,can you explain it bit more

edit: @Bouh I have added "for each object " not working correctly either!!

what it is doing that , like previously it is scaling but when mouse is moved away not scaling it back(small tags is a group containg tag1 and 2)

also where to use tag group of objects gdevelop??

Hi using tag objects didnt work either @Gruk here

same problem when hovered over scale it but when mouse move away not scale back ,remain in same scale so with each hover it keep getting big @Gruk @Bouh

I’m able to reproduce the issue. :confused:
Can’t see what’s wrong with it, but using a behavior instead of a function fixed it.

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Hi can you show me up !! What u did

In the behavior properties, you need to configure it for Sprite objects.

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Thanks a lot let me try

How to apply this behaviour to an object???

Like any other behaviour. :slight_smile:
Object properties in the scene editor.

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Thanks a lot @Gruk it worked !!! Would save lot of my time

thanks again

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