[SOLVED] Create object at placeholders in random order

I want to spawn “block” and “safeblock” at each placeholders in random order/randomly. I tried this but it only spawn at one placeholder. Sorry im just a noob. Can anyone help me? Thanks

Right click an event.
Hover your mouse on the “Add Other” menu option to open up a sub-menu.
Choose “For Each object”.
A new event will appear with some writing which says “click to choose which object this event will be repeated” Choose your placeholder object from there.

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It worked! thankyou so much!

@Gorguruga do u know how to avoid spawning “safeblock” to the placeholders that already spawned “block”? Cant get it

The easiest way I think is to create a separate placeholder for the block so that it only spawns block?

ill try it but what i want is every time someone starts the game the blocks and safeblocks will be placed at the placeholders randomly. I’ll find a way to do it. Thanks again

Here’s an example which seems to work for me … Give it a try, can always delete if unsuccessful
(NewObject=placeholder… One and Two = block and safeblock)

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Thanks. It worked :smiley:

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