[SOLVED]Creating an object that follows enemies

Hi, I’m trying to create an icon about my game’s opponents, which would pop up when they enter the screen. I got this part, but the icon doesn’t follow the opponent, it stays still. I used the “link” command and also the “put around” command, but it still doesn’t work properly, can anyone help me?

When you move EnemyHitBox, you need to find all the linked IndicatorVultureRed objects and move them too :

“Put object around” places one object at an angle to another and at a given distance (from the object’s centre). Angles start from 0 (to the right) and go round in a clockwise direction - so 90 straight down, 180 to the left and 270 straight up. You’ve got 0 for both parameters, so the indicator is placed in the middle of the hitbox.

If you don’t want to rotate the indicator, but rather want it at a particular position relative to the player, look at adding a new point to your player sprite, and position the indicator at the new point

Hello Mr.Men, thanks a lot for your help! It worked just fine!