[Solved] Crouch animation stuck

Crouch animation stuck on first frame?

You have a large conflict.

You are both Not moving AND down key is being pressed. It’s trying to swap between idle and crouch constantly once you hit down.

Additionally, with any animations you always (as far as I’ve seen) want to ensure you have trigger once as a condition. This is because every event is triggered every frame it is true, meaning you’re resetting your idle animation every frame that you’re on the floor.


I use this animation in my project, and works well. may be this help you.


That fixed the problem thanks!

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How did you fix it? I still don’t understand, I’m still new to gdevelop so if you can send me a screenshot or tell me how to do it I’ll be greatful.

hello here is the events I think the problem was not using conditions to check the state of the player like (condition) player is on floor and down is pressed + left or right key not pressed (action) go play the animation. I also used external events as states for each action/animation idle, crouch, jump ect less conflicts and easier to manage hope that helps.

external events

crouch events

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Thank you it’s working!

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