[Solved] Curious lagging when using external layouts

Hello again!

So, started experimenting with external layouts, only to realize that whenever one is loaded, the scene lags horribly. I thought that it must be because of the size of it, but no...

A scene with 100 objects (say, tree sprites, 100x100 pixels, not tiny but not huge either) loaded directly into the scene has absolutely no problem. However.... A totally blank scene, that has an event which loads from an external event with ONE TREE on it, this lags noticeably. Add more trees onto the external event and it lags even more. Even when the lag is bearable, the collision makes no sense. Bumping into an object from an external event gives you a large chance that you'll 1) bounce up and down rapidly against the object, 2)portal to another part of the screen, or 3) disappear altogether. I don't get it. Maybe it's my computer? I am using a Win7 potato from 2011 or earlier. But I hope this is fixable.

Of course I always figure it out right after I post. If anyone else has this problem: It’s essential to put it as “trigger once” or “at the beginning of the scene”, so it doesn’t reload the layout multiple times a second… :woman_facepalming:


Thanks for posting the solution, will certainly be useful for other people! :+1:

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