[Solved] Current time of video not working?

Hi guys,
I hope this is a valid question. I can’t get the current time working. The video just keeps on playing instead of pausing. What have I done wrong?


  1. You’re trying to pause the video every frame, which likely won’t behave properly. Make sure whenever you’re doing an event that needs to happen once (such as pausing or starting playback of a video), you have the “Trigger once” condition.
  2. Events occur every frame. Which isn’t every instant. Even at 60 fps (assuming your game is set to that), every frame is 0.0167 seconds. Meaning that it will be near impossible to get exactly to 20 seconds. You probably need to add a range, or do > 19 seconds, or something similar.
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Thanks!! I’ll try that asap.

It worked perfectly. Tanks!

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