[Solved] Curve bullet movement instance help

hello I’m using “move object in parabola” example to simulate bullet moving in a curve and this works how I want but whenever I create more than one instance of the bullet the previous bullet changes direction?

how it should work

when more than one instance of bullet is created


Use an object variable instead of a scene variable

I changed all the variables to object bullet but now the bullet doesn’t move?


You didn’t change to object variables in most events in your screenshot. The majority of your events are still just using Variable(voy) in their expression, not objectname.Variable(voy). If those are supposed to be object variables, that is the incorrect syntax for them.

thanks I changed the variables but still not working where I’m going wrong in the events?


“Vox” is not the same as “vox” and you’re using them both interchangeably in a few places.

ok this is working now thanks.


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