[SOLVED] Custom extension action name not displaying in scene events

I’m working on making a “rotational base” minimalistic space shooter game, and one of the things I am implementing is an upgrade button, that when pressed will basically pause the game while the window is active.

One of the extensions I’m using to spawn the enemies is the object spawner extension, what I’ve done is edit the custom function and added two new behaviors, pause timer, and unpause timer, when the upgrade window is opened and closed respectively

The thing is, this works perfectly but the actual name of the actions isn’t displayed in the draggle event, it just shows the little thumbnail to the left and the rest is a blank event. The name shows in the event selection window but when selected and applied, there is no name. I can’t tell if I’m missing something very obvious or what’s going on. Here is an example of what the unpause timer action looks like in the scene events:

Any advice would be appreciated, it’s not a huge issue because it still works as intended but it is definitely not how I would like it to look. I tried to add more screenshots but I’m only allowed 1

You need to add a sentence with _PARAM#_ as a placeholder for any parameters. 
Example Cut _PARAM1_  

It’s in the configuration. You need to either scroll the section or make the area larger by dragging the divider between the sections.


Ah I see now, thank you!

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