[SOLVED]Custom point does not follow rotation?

I have created a point to fire bullets from position of the gun and it looks okay as long there is no rotation.

But as soon I rotate it, the point does not seem to follow the rotation

It is something that I was confident with how it works but it seems like it doesn’t work the way I was expecting and since I haven’t been using GDevelop actively for quiet some time I’m not too sure if it a bug or it was always like this or am I missing something?

Anyone could help?

EDIT:// solved the problem by changing the position of the centre point to be the same as the origin point of the bullet.

I had noticed the mismatch in the bullet position on one of your templates, but just assumed you didn’t have time to fine tune it and preferred to get on to the next template.

Yes it was part of it as well, it could have been done without custom points but because of lack of time I just sort of get it done and pushed out of my way and decided to come back to it when GD5 got the custom points editor. It is fixed now in the GD5 version, but I just don’t have the time to fix it in the AGK and Phaser version as it require some work around.
For that reason I’m considering to drop AGK and Phaser really and focusing on GD5 only and try to make good quality content for a single engine instead of making poor quality for multiple ones.

Weird, it should be rotated (I’m checking the sources), I can’t test it right now but I’ll do it later… It reminds me: http://www.forum.compilgames.net/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=4437#p39104
I’ve to make some tests with flipped points too :slight_smile:

How can you find this old posts all the time :confused:
I remembered someone had similar problem before (years ago) but couldn’t find the post to see what was the fix :stuck_out_tongue:

I think in my case the problem was the bullet is rotated around the middle point. So when I created the bullet I set the position of the bullet (origin point) to be at the gun but after I was rotating the bullet around the middle point to face the same direction as the blue guy and it made it look out of place. Now that I moved the centre point down to the origin and rotate the bullet around the same position as the origin point, it is solved the problem :slight_smile:

So the point does rotate with the object, it was only me and my bullet :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I get it, the “child” (bullet) Centre point has to be over its Origin point, as explained here: [url]How to make an object parent to another? - #2 by Lizard-13]
Darkhog… hope he is getting some fun with Unity :smiley:

I don’t know… just remember post word/s and jump search result pages in function of how-old I think the post was :neutral_face: