Solved! Customizable Screen shake?

Been through the forums and YouTube videos. How do YOU do screen shake? I found a plug in but it’s only time based. How long, in and out. It worked for a while but it’s not quite enough.
I’m looking for one that I can fine tune the x and y shake. Smaller and larger amplitude of the shake.
Thanks for any help.

Install the camera shake extension. After that go to your events sheet and under actions find “Shake camera” action. Click on it and you will see “Edit this action events”. Click on that.

On the left side you will see a bunch of functions. Find the one named “CameraShake” (it will have an icon that looks like a crossed eye). Right click on it and make it public.

Go back to your events sheet and search for Camera shake (deprecated) action. There you can edit the amplitude of the shake.

I was so close! I was right there! Ahhh
Thank you so much. I can’t wait to get back in and try it. You’re the best. Appreciate you. Have a good day.

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