[Solved] Dark textures on 3D models

Hello, I ran into the following problem - the textures of 3D models are displayed much darker than they should. Here is an example, on the left are 3D boxes (they have correct colors) , on the right are 3D models that have been assigned the same PNG textures.

I’ve tried exporting materials with different color space and export settings, but none of them worked. I also tried adding Ambient Light to the scene and changing the Material Modifier settings, this also did not work. Is there a way to somehow keep the original colors on the textures? Thank you.

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Thanks for this interesting analysis! We’ll look into it. Could you maybe send your test project over so that we can quickly get into it?

Google Drive Folder. project file, 2 textures and 2 glb models from my example above.
I can upload them somewhere else if needed.

I have a same problem, I have tried several shaders (principled bsdf, glTF 2.0) in blender but nothing changes. The model work fine in glTF Viewer, I don’t see how to proceed, thank you.

Hello, as far as I understand, nothing can be done about it yet. It seems that Gdevelop somehow does not correctly display the color space of the texture, linear instead of sRGB, or something like that, I do not understand this, but some people had the similar issue in other applications.

I tried to find temporary solutions to at least have a rough idea of ​​​​how the game looks, but to no avail, the textures are too far from the original anyway. So for now we just have to wait.

I’m not sure that’s a trivial issue: three.js docs
It looks like the loader we use to load glTF files sets the textures with a sRGB encoding although we use a linear encoding everywhere else.
Still looking into it.

This bug should be fixed with Fix color encoding of glb models by AlexandreSi · Pull Request #5368 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub
It will be available in the next release.
Thanks you for taking the time to report this and for your analysis that allowed a quick fix!

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Great, thanks for the quick fix.

Thanks you 7ToGo and alexandresi, can’t wait to test :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to the Gdevelop team first of all. I think this bug would have been found sooner or later without me. I have already actively tested the use of GLTF models, if you can work in 3D and bake specular and light maps onto textures, you can even imitate triple-A graphics. These new 3D features that have been introduced since the Pandako extension are definitely a big step for Gdevelop, I think it will attract a lot of new developers in the near future.

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And if they ever add convenient animation support for GLTF similar to what Gdevelop has for regular sprites now, and lets say grid-based pathfinding for 3D environments, oh boy… the options are endless.

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You can actually already use pathfinding on 3d environments. Just x and y, but never the less, if you need a character or vehicle etc to move around, it works fine. Collision detection also works remarkably well.